The CMTH® is a product appropriate to be used for civil or military purposes as storage, parking or housing facility and provisional working space for:


  • Air means (aircrafts, helicopters) in civil aviation of military airports as well as in provisional camps
  • Equipment of construction sites, airports etc.
  • Vehicles commercial or military
  • Provisional workshop (eg. for the assembly of large-scale mechanical equipment) and/or maintenance center
  • On-site personnel support facility (accommodation, office space etc.)
  • Field Hospital (with the appropriate adaptations)
  • Disaster Relief Facility or provisional housing facility for immigrants
  • Provisional facility for sports events (e.g. indoor training center)


All modules that comprise the CMTH® structure are stackable and thus can be stored in a very limited open space when not in use. As soon as the use of the facility is required then the panels are easily transported and the structure assembled at the place of interest. The total assembly / disassembly time is less than two weeks (time applies for the 940m² covered are CMTH®)